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Fraya has been professionally producing custom clothing for re-enactment, equestrian, wedding and dance needs since 1989, and has been available through Museum Replicas. Her beautiful, high-quality work is now readily available through Painted Lady Clothiers.

~~~EXCLUSIVE~~~Custom colors for all our 25, 15 and 10 yard skirts!!!! That's right!!! CUSTOM COLORS!!! You can now choose the color you want for your skirts: solid, double, triple color combinations or choose our exclusive designs--Frosted Petals (single color/white ruffle), Creamcicle (double color/white) or Edge of Night (single color/dark ruffle).

We cater to your ATS and Tribal needs. Get all your basic garments at the best prices anywhere with the customer service and requests you deserve for your skirts, pantaloons and cholis.

See our Etsy Shop for all the unique fashions for unusual tastes:

Thank you so much!

Painted Lady Clothiers

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